Hi, I am Jessica Lung

Hi, I am Jessica Lung

Hi all,

I am Jessica Lung, new editor of 852leedee. I am an America Born Chinese. I can speak chinese but in trouble of writing or reading Chinese words.  So, please don’t mind that my posts almost all are typed in english. (but good news is that Kwan Yu said he can do the translation part, so don’t be afraid to ask him for the Chinese version if you need lol)

First of all, thanks for the invitation to join the 852leedee family today from Kwan Yu. This is my honor to help foreign students getting a right path in education maze. 

In the coming posts, I will focus on talking about some tricks or ‘hidden rules’ of schools that you never heard from adviser or counsellor before entry into the school. For instance, tuitions or study expenses, school representative always hides this part in conversation but mentions on what their ranking of world and how their courses benefit to career and life. Southwestern Law School, for example, says they help student to get qualification to sit on the bar exam and to be legal profession in their web site, but their tuition is talking about $1,500USD per unit(almost $4,500 per course). So, before to be a legal profession and millionaire, student has to own them around $200,000 student loan. Gee… ;(

Last but not least, remember that don’t be fear to inquiry for the questions of foreign study from us.  We all appreciated to help you here!!! 


Jessica Lung, J.D.


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