Reasons not go to law school – Jessica Lung

Reasons not go to law school – Jessica Lung


At some point in life, people thinks they should go to law school and to be legal profession.  Being a lawyer in drama acts like a hero in the world, like Law and Order, Boston Legal, you can help others with your own hands. And lawyer seems like very smart, they can solve all the problem and save the life from the evil.  But now I can tell you…

You are wrong!!!

If you are one of the many thinking about law school, these are the 4 arguments regarding not to go to law school. 


1. Debt

Law school is three years long study. If you not get any scholarships, you are going to pay $150,000 debt at least after the law school study. That’s all about the three years tuitions, assorted fees, books and materials. I supposed you alone going to be taking the loans duty, you are going (have to) start your law job at the average of 150k, annually, and thats not counting any other debt you may be carrying (such as undegrad debt and interest).  


2. Making Money?

One point you shall argue with, it’s that legal profession make a lot of money, right? A corporate lawyer starts at something like $150k a year. I can get all the money back from legal field, right?

I believe you have to more researches on your response. 

Currently, most large corporate firms require somewhere around 2,000 practice hour to work – the actual hours of work you can bill directly to your clients. For a smart attorney who takes about 10 hours in office to accrue 7 practice hour; that means he has to work about 2,700 real hours a year to reach the base line. It implied you have to work 7.5 hours a day, 365 days a year.  You do lawyer and lose your own life!!!!

One more thing I have to tell you, there aren’t many attorney jobs start at $140,000/year, and pretty much all the jobs to the people who come from Top 15 law schools. Beyond that, you may in risk to get a law paying jobs. 

That’s law school never tell you at law school recruitment receptions.  


3. Arguing is fun?

No doubt, everyone likes a debate. In law school, you won’t be having fun discussions; the people who wants to argue a lot are called gunners, and are reviled by everyone, even the professors. No one is interested in your opinion, but only on their study grade and final results.  you aren’t going to be sitting around and discussing the finer points of the First Amendments, nor debating whether woman can rape a man, but to be crammed about the tax implications for a real estate firm trying to lease office space a new immigration. Boring job. 

FYI: If arguing is really who you want to go to law school, save your money and start a blog about American politics where you can do everything you want. It may cost only several hundred dollars.  


4. Achieve a honor in my life and make my parents proud, REALLY?

If you are ending your school life, or your parents say ‘you have to figure out a plan for your future’, don’t focus on it, or, take the easiest way, ignore them. You are not alone, you just are achieving the goal of THEIR LIFE. 


In Sum

Do something that you like and you love to. Life is short.  However, if it is your calling, that’s fine, take it. Try lot of things, like work in a law firm, to feel the pressure and stress reality.


Jessica Lung

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